BCAW 2014

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BCAW 2014

How to get involved

To find out how you can play your part in helping to raise awareness of the industry, we have produced a new briefing document that gives some ideas. Do take the time to read and if you would like to get involved then just get in touch.

You can find the document in our news room.

The theme for Business Continuity Awareness Week (17-21 March) was 'counting the cost' – a theme designed to demonstrate the potential cost of not having an effective business continuity management system. BCAW brings together the collective expertise of the BCI’s members and partners to help people understand how applying Business Continuity to their organisation can foster greater resilience. Whether a global multinational or a small business, whether operating in financial services, public administration or manufacturing, Business Continuity is a dynamic management practice that is proven to help organisations anticipate, prepare, respond and adapt to an ever changing risk environment. Click on the links below to find out more.

Counting the cost: a meta analysis of the cost of ineffective business continuity

What are the costs of ineffective business continuity? The BCI has published its own research focusing on the cost of common threats to an organisation: IT and telecommunications outage, data breach and cyber attacks, and adverse weather conditions. The objective of this report is simple. We want to drive home the message that business continuity (BC) is not the sole domain of an organisation’s BC professional. Ensuring an effective, robust BC programme is also the responsibility of management, budget holders and the rest of staff. In a time where cutting budgets is the norm, and BC-related expenses are often one of the first to go, it is important to be reminded of the cost of being caught flat-footed in an incident. The false economy created by cutting down on business continuity may create bigger problems that may impact on organisational resilience and viability. Read ‘Counting the cost’.


As well as raising awareness, Business Continuity Awareness Week is designed to be educational and provide a learning experience for those within the industry and those outside of it. To help with this we produced a webinar programme that was free to everyone. Follow the link to find watch recordings of the webinars

BC in Action

What works in theory doesn’t always work in practice so case studies are often a helpful form of learning, just to see what has been done before and what has worked, or perhaps what hasn’t worked. Click here to see some of the case studies we have collected. If you have any of your own then email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can include them also.

IBM White Paper

According to IBM’s recent survey of 2,316 IT professionals conducted by Ponemon Institute, business and IT disruptions that result from business continuity and IT security failures will cost an organisation an average of $19.6 million over the next 24 months. Our new white paper examines the costs behind this number to give you fact-based insight into the financial consequences of various types of disruptions and the IT risk factors behind them.


There are many existing case studies and reports that help demonstrate the cost of disaster; our own – soon to be published – ‘counting the cost’ and IBM’s ‘understanding the economics of IT risk and reputation’ are just two. Follow this link to find a list that we have compiled of several others that we think you will find useful.


As part of BCAW we hosted a 'flashblog' where bloggers from within the industry and outside of it provided their input, all blogging using the same theme: "Counting the cost, and benefits, for business continuity - an xxx perspective."

Click here to see what they had to say when their blogs went live on Tuesday 18th March.


Infographics are always a helpful way of getting your message across concisely by displaying it pictorially – they’re certainly more eye catching than a block of text.

Here are a few of our favourite infographics that demonstrate the importance of business continuity and the potential cost of ineffective BC.


To promote the week we produced three posters that all show people trying to work on through a disaster, all asking the question: could your business survive a disaster? We think this demonstrated the theme quite well and we hope you'll agree. Click on each of the images to download the A4 PDF poster version. If you would like a version for professional printing or would like one that can be printed on A3 size paper then please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The BCI in partnership with IBM Business Continuity and Resiliency Services